About Me

RJ Harrigan

When I was young I saw a commercial for the Army that said,

“If someone wrote a book about your life, would anyone read it?”

That stuck with me. As an adult, I thought back over my life and I realized I do have a story that people would read.

I grew up in Massachusetts. I say Massachusetts because no city or town was home. We moved around often and I went to 9 different schools before the age of 10. When I was 18, I became homeless and spent the next 3 years bouncing around between couches and sleeping outside, while pursuing a rap career. Drinking, drugs, and bad decisions shaped my life until I overdosed and hit rock bottom. That’s when I decided to join the Navy. It would have been a nice bookend for the story had I joined the Army, but I chose the Navy because I had a friend who was in the Navy and made it sound like a party. I served my country proudly until a car accident ended my military career.

I received an honorable discharge and a full ride in school where I received my master’s degree in English Composition in December 2018. After reflecting back on my journey I realized that I have had quite the adventure and want to tell it to the world! My still untitled memoir is expected to be finished in 2019.