Month: March 2019


Update on my Writing

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To those who read this blog I want to inform you that my lack of writing blog posts, as I stated in my most recent post is largely due to my prioritizing and managing my stress. I am working on my memoir and it is coming along swimmingly, so I have most of my efforts directed there.

Aside from that, I was given 3 courses to teach at my University, so I have over 50 students writing me papers that I must grade in a timely manner. All of my time not spent on writing my memoir, is spent grading, and the remaining time is spent decompressing to do it all over again.

I appreciate those who read my blog, and I apologize for those who may feel I’ve abandoned this altogether. That is not the case, I assure you. Once my book is finally finished, which I have made it a goal to be completely done with it this year, with high hopes of it being ready to send to publishers within a few months, I will have much more time and focus for writing online.

This website is a passion project for me. I bought the domain name as soon as possible because I didn’t want anyone to take it, but my plans for this site are way beyond posting my thoughts and ramblings. Eventually, I want it to be inclusive, my mission being to find as many stories to tell and have a platform to promote them.

In order to do that, I feel it is important that I myself have a story that is not only told, but has received enough attention for people to look to me so that I will have a platform to promote others. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!