Classroom Policy

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Classroom Policy
by R.J.Harrigan


Before we get started
we must all agree
on one simple rule
of my classroom policy

While you are in here,
be willing to explore
any and all ideas;
Check your ego at the door

Left wing, Right wing,
In here, we’re just the bird.
Whether you think they’re crazy,
or that they’re just absurd.

Academics have conversations
without it turning to insults.
If you don’t want views challenged,
stick to your Google search results.

Take a look around you.
Tell me, can you see
that we’re all in this together
like a family?

So, treat him like your brother
and her like she’s your sis.
We’re different from one another,
but the truth is simply this.

We’re all just specks of dust
on a speck of dust in space.
How unlikely is it that
we share this time and place?

Respect is my policy.
Is that something you can do?
If you answered “no”
then this class isn’t for you.

Do we all agree?

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